• We used materials from the old stockyards that once existed in the property and antiques collected throughout the years.
  • Some of the furniture was built from shutters and other antique woods.

Local Economy

  • We invested in the center of Portugal and gave priority to construction materials and workers from this region contributing to the dynamization of the local economy.
  • We employ workers from neighboring villages.
  • We intend to capture external financial resources and reinvest them locally.


  • Photovoltaic electrical energy production.
  • Both the irrigation system and the watering areas for the animals are automatic.
  • Fresh products produced either on the farm or region in order to decrease our carbon footprint.
  • Meals by order, to avoid food waste.
  • Reusable tableware instead of plastic.
  • Glass bottles for water.
  • Rechargeable dispensers with amenities instead of small individual plastic bottles.
  • LED lamps and energy-efficient appliances.
  • Request to reuse towels and bedding.
  • Awareness to use the air conditioner and take baths during daytime given our use of photovoltaic energy.
  • Water taps and flushes with a reduced flow to avoid wasting water.
  • All bedding dries outdoors and only the indispensable is ironed to help reduce energetic consumptions and contribute to a more sustainable lifestyle. The client can always ask for the bedding to be fully ironed without any additional cost.

Circular economy

  • We don’t use chemical pesticides or herbicides on the farm, ensuring a well-balanced ecosystem.
  • We prioritize products produced in our farm.
  • We recycle all waste transforming it into organic matter to use in vegetable and animal production.

Animal well-being

  • Our farm animals are happily bred outdoors in large spaces specially made for them.
  • Lots of covered places with shadow so the animals can rest and avoid the sun.
  • Water pond for birds.
  • Balanced diet supplemented with farm vegetables.
  • Personal treatment making the animals more friendly.